Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I do is not what people think I do......

I was having a conversation with one of the mums at school the other day and her perception of what I do for a living consisted of "showing" houses and selling them.....I wish

As I explained to her a large portion of my job happens after the contract is signed.

Take the last three days as an example - the pile of papers above is the file for just one property. Since Tuesday morning I have answered and made 148 calls, sent 96 text messages and answered, forwarded or sent 19 emails.  All to help the sellers and the buyers get the property unconditional, so my seller can move on and buy a new home and my buyers can move in with confidence.

In a society obsessed with paperwork and due diligence and needing everything signed off by somebody - a good Real Estate agent can literally save a sale.  Without my input, and hard work this deal would not have come to the resolution it came to just three minutes ago.  My sellers would have missed out on their new property and my buyers would be back to spending their weekends finding another house.

Make sure when you employ an agent you are confident and comfortable that they will do a great job after the contract is signed because that is when you need the real expertise, patience and attention to detail.

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