Friday, June 28, 2013

To Market To Market ???!!

A question I am asked all the time is "How is the Market?"
The second most asked question is "When should I put my house on the Market?"

My answer to both is pretty much the same - the market is the market - if you are buying and selling in the same market it doesn't matter.

Recently I have had three instances where clients have told me they want to purchase in one of our coastal regions - where sales have been a little flatter than usual for a while - but they want to wait until the market here picks up so they can make money on their homes.

But it is like buying a new car - you take in your old car and want premium money for it and you want a discount on the new one - as anyone who has bought a car knows it just doesn't happen like that.

What you need to look at is how far the market has come down in the area you are selling in and the area you are buying in - in the particular market these people want to buy in the market has dropped 23% - the market they are selling in has dropped 18 %.

I managed to get the message through to two of them and they are now moving ahead with their lives but the third one is doggedly holding out for the dream price - even though that figure may be four years away - by which time the market they want to get into will have shifted up and probably moved out of their price range.

So the simple answer is this - don't worry about what the market is "doing" - if it is time to sell then sell - 30% of the population is on the move regardless of GFCs, mining taxes or elections - if they weren't real estate agents would have loads more time off than they do.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The importance of photos

My sister in law asked me to check out a house listed for sale in her home town.  It belongs to a friend and has been on the market for some time.

So I went to the usual real estate portals and had a look .....

First impressions count - your photos need to be taken by a professional, one who doesn't photoshop or try any "arty" stuff.  You need a wide angle lens  a good one - not one that distorts.  

Decluttering is great but when the house has white tiles,white walls, a white kitchen and white furniture with no accents it means your photos are ...white ....and boring and there is no frame of reference for how big the room is.

This house sits right on the ocean front on the top of a cliff - not one photo showed the view through the windows.  A professional photographer takes several exposures of a frame and puts them together using a computer programme this means that when you look at the photo you see the inside and what is outside  it mimics the split second adjustment your eyes make to the varying light.

As this one does sit in top of a cliff it is not a good idea to show photos of the front of the house with the bushes blurred because of the wind !!!

A professional photographer will make sure the photos of your home are representative of your home, to show it in the best way possible.  Your professional real estate agent will put those photos in an order which takes the buyer on a journey through your home.  Best features first and then the rest in harmony with the text.

If there is a particular view of your home that you love tell the agent and the photographer and see if they can capture it - you love your home you know it from all angles don't be afraid to say "I love standing here and looking out the window to the pool area"  it may be the shot that your buyer falls in love with too.  It may look like rubbish and need to be discarded but take it and then make the decision.

Some agents will tell you they take their own photographs to save you money - in the long run bad photographs cost you dollars on the contract - so a $250 investment in your homes listing can literally make you thousands of dollars on the contract.

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