Monday, March 8, 2010

Frogs and Figures

Yesterday I spent hours doing up my "market data" reports for homeowners who may be selling at some stage in the future.

There is a dearth of information out there and sometimes it is difficult to ascertain what is beneficial to include in these reports or just plain confusing and information overload.

I did come across two interesting statistics though.

The number of days on market in most areas seems to have dropped and yet the Brisbane average remains virtually unchanged. At present it is at 77 days.

Samford Valley has come down from 129 days to 97 and areas like Gaythorne have dropped to 54 from 61. Why? Well from what we have seen at out Open for Inspections there are a lot of buyers out there and not so many homes coming on to the market - so what is on the market is being looked at very carefully by a lot of prospective buyers.

The other interesting one was the number of people actively looking for homes as opposed to the number of homes being advertised. In some areas the number of people looking has tripled as correspondingly the number of homes being advertised for sale has dropped.

The reality is though the best time to sell your home is when you are ready. No matter what the interst rates are, what the demand is (except in a boom mining town for example) you will be selling and buying in the same market.

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