Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are Auctions more Expensive??

The short answer is yes because you have to pay for the services of a professional Auctioneer usually about $400.

Other than that there are only the normal costs associated with selling a property:

Advertising and the commission due to the agent.

Advertising: A well structured advertising campaign can cost as little as $1700 and as much as you like, but whether you are selling by Private Treaty or Auction advertising is the way your agent gets the interest in your property out there.

There is a misconception that internet advertising has somehow overtaken print media as the first place buyers look for a property - but the statistics and the feedback we get from the visitors to our open inspections tells a very different story.

Most people (about 70%) see a property in the local or daily paper then go to the internet to check out more photos or whatever before they call you (or send you an email via the internet site). So a good press component is vital otherwise you are missing a large chunk of the market.

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